We help clients develop executable strategies that drive outcomes.   We assist with engaging their employees around strategy, and we guide them in setting up the ongoing monitoring and governance to ensure performance improvement.  



We help develop a fact-based view of your business and then develop a strategic roadmap to address your specific challenges and opportunities.


Engagements include:

  • macro research

  • market and competitive analyses

  • product and business plans

  • investment memos

  • board materials




Being fact-based does not mean that a strategy will be effective.     To be impactful, it must also be linked to execution.


We link strategy and execution through:

  • leadership and employee engagement

  • strategy activation and mobilization

  • project and program management






We design and deploy scorecards that provide insight regarding the progress a company is making against its strategic roadmap.


We assist clients with:

  • metric development and selection

  • target setting and alignment

  • integrated business and financial planning

  • strategy governance